TSA: No, you actually can’t bring medical marijuana on a plane

What do full-size bottles of shampoo, recreational oxygen and medical marijuana have in common? The TSA says you can’t bring them on a plane. But, for a brief window of time, the TSA website wrongly informed air travelers that it was OK to bring medical marijuana on board. The error got a few pot supporters’ hopes up.after it was brought to…

Elderly woman’s cane concealed sword at MYR

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WFXB) – Authorities believe an elderly woman had no idea she was attempting to bring a deadly weapon on board a flight at Myrtle Beach International Airport. TSA officials say the 80-year old woman was clueless that the walking cane she was attempting to take on an airplane Thursday concealed a hidden sword, until she went through…

TSA’s Long Security Lines Are Frustrating Both Travelers and Airlines

The peak summer travel season in the US is months away, but the lines at airport security already are getting unbearable. Lower staffing by the TSA, and a reduction in the number of passengers moved into expedited screening lanes, has meant longer and longer lines at airports. Airlines are worried about passengers missing flights, and that the problem will get worse….