Still in Hot Water

Hawaii's governor apologizes again for Saturday's false missile alert.

Officials in Hawaii have been in clean-up mode ever since a message was mistakenly sent to nearly one and a half million residents and visitors, warning of an incoming ballistic rocket. Considering the situation with North Korea, many people thought the U.S. was really under attack. It was supposed to be just a test, but an emergency management staffer hit…

North Korean Nuke Test

The nation of North Korea claims to have tested another nuclear warhead.

  North Korea says they conducted a test nuclear warhead today, their fifth since 2006. Japanese officials say there was some seismic activity detected in the communist country, which could have possibly been an earthquake or a test.  President Obama has been briefed about the matter, and has consulted with the South Korean president and Japanese Prime Minister. Still, several…

Bluetooth-Enabled Pregnancy Tests

Bluetooth-Enabled Pregnancy Tests

Now you can get your pregnancy test results delivered right to your phone!  First-response can now text you the results of your test…and you can even send your results to someone else’s number…maybe the lucky father!?