Hairspray can explodes in hot car, smashes windshield

VANCOUVER, W.A. (WFXB) – One woman from Washington is sharing a very visual reminder to be careful what you leave in your car this summer as it heats up. A can of hairspray exploded and slammed right through one woman’s windshield. Carmen says she didn’t mean to leave the hairspray in her car, and she’s just glad no one was…

How to avoid sharks in the ocean this summer

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WFXB) – Over the weekend, Folly Beach officials reported that a woman suffered minor injuries from a shark bite. She is expected to be okay, but the first shark bite of the season has some beachgoers on alert. There are some water safety tips that could help protect you from sharks in the ocean. For starters, experts…

Rio’s Bizarre Bathroom Rules

Rio's Bizarre Bathroom Rules

Athletes in Rio have taken to Twitter to show off some of Rio’s bizarre bathroom signs that warn people not to fish in the toilet, sit it in, throw up in it, or even bathe in the toilet.  Greg and Cyndi try to figure out why anyone would do that in the first place.  

The Ten Worst Summer Jobs

The Ten Worst Summer Jobs

Almost everyone had a summer job they didn’t like…and Greg and Abbi share what have been deemed as the top ten “worst” summer jobs.  Have you suffered through any of the jobs on the list?

TSA’s Long Security Lines Are Frustrating Both Travelers and Airlines

The peak summer travel season in the US is months away, but the lines at airport security already are getting unbearable. Lower staffing by the TSA, and a reduction in the number of passengers moved into expedited screening lanes, has meant longer and longer lines at airports. Airlines are worried about passengers missing flights, and that the problem will get worse….