Back in Business

The passage of a temporary spending bill has re-opened th efederal government.

The federal government is back in business this morning. Congress passed a stopgap funding measure yesterday and the president signed into law last night, ending a three day shutdown. Republicans clearly see the end of the shutdown a as a win. Some think Democrats may have simply caved, but Democratic leaders think they moved the ball forward on immigration reform…

Shutdown Looming

The temporary plan to keep the government open after Friday's spending deadline is facing opposition.

The likelihood of a government shutdown seems to have gone up overnight after a deal to temporarily push back a spending deadline looks like it’s dead in the water. The head of the House Freedom Caucus, a group of the some of the most conservative Republicans in Congress, is balking at a temporary spending deal to avert a government shutdown…

Avoiding a Shutdown

President Trump and Congress have begun work to avert a government shutdown.

  The Trump Administration is trying to finish off the first 100 days strong. But they are struggling to pull off a big win amid concerns about a possible government shutdown. President Trump is now signaling that he may back down from his demand that the spending measure include money for his border wall.There is also the possibility of easing…