Wind and Water Wreckage

A mix of high winds, tornadoes, and flooding leveled parts of the southern and central U.S.

Powerful storms barreled through several states, killing at least five people. The National Weather Service has confirmed a pair of f-2 tornadoes touched down this weekend in Kentucky and Tennessee. The city of Clarksville, Tennessee, was hit hard. Near Cincinnati, heavy rains pushed the Ohio river over its banks, more than 20 feet above normal. Towns along the waterway will…

Wildfire Season Sparked

Ground crews are working to extinguish a large wildfire in southern Georgia.

A major fire fight is now underway near the border of Georgia and Florida. Fire crews are battling winds and spreading flames as they try to “box in” a massive wildfire that has already charred more than 220 square miles in and around the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.  It remains only about twelve percent contained, and is now more than…

Southeastern Storm Damage

Parts of North Carolina and Arkansas are cleaning up after storm damage and heavy flooding.

  Cleanup is underway across the parts of the Southeast after heavy storms. At least two people are dead in flooding in North Carolina that washed out bridges and destroyed businesses. River levels may continue to rise, with residents saying they’ve never seen flooding this bad, even though nearby lake levels aren’t high. Arkansas was also hit with heavy rains,…

Second Round of Storms

Severe weather swept across the Southeast for the second time in a week.

Severe weather continued to hit the Southeastern US  leaving major damage in its wake. Residents are beginning to clean up after the second front of severe storms this week. Heavy winds damaged homes and brought down trees in Arkansas, while an EF-2 tornado destroyed a school in Missouri. As the storm moving east towards the coast, a lightning strike destroyed…

Severe Weather Strikes

The death toll continues to rise in the South following a severe weather system.

  At least five people are now dead after strong storms hit the southeast. Communities in several states are now picking up the pieces following the severe weather. Louisiana’s governor toured the state’s heavy damage throughout the state Monday. A tornado may hit Luverne, Alabama without any warning but the Crenshaw County emergency manager spotted its formation.  A man was…

Wildfires Wage On

As wildfires continue in the Southeast, health officials are worried about nearby air quality.

  Wildfires continue to burn across  seven southern states, ad their effects are being felt as far away as Atlanta and Charlotte. The flames have yet to reach any populated areas, the surrounding smoke is raising air quality alerts throughout the region. Health officials are now warning residents about dangerous breathing conditions, and some hospitals are seeing a rise in…

War Against Wildfires

Aid is coming to several crews battling wildfires across the Southeast.

  Wildfire-fighting crews in Rabun County, GA are getting a hand as they combat one of the many wildfires burning in the Southeast. Donated supplies from local North Georgia churches have become a big help for the crews who are working around the clock to contain the flames and protect property. Despite the expectation of rain over the past weekend,…

May Showers

Thunderstorms continue across the South.

After a short reprieve, severe storms with torrential rains, vivid lightning and gusty winds are again marching through the Southern U.S. From Texas to Georgia, damaging winds and heavy rain lead to downed trees and power outages. A tornado briefly touched down in Oklahoma, while regions of Texas were hit with record amounts of rain and completely flooded roads. Four…

April Showers Arrive

A strong storm system is making its way east across the country.

  Tornadoes hit Oklahoma, strong winds struck Texas and heavy hail hammered Kansas as a strong line of storms slid across the southern part of the country. Property was damages and at least seven people have been injured. The storm is continuing its way across the southeast, with Georgia expecting several inches of rain.