Parents warned about deadly ‘Blue Whale Challenge’

One school system in Alabama is warning parents everywhere about a potentially deadly game called the ‘Blue Whale Challenge.’ According to school officials in Baldwin County, it’s been introduced on two high school campuses there already. A ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ app is reportedly available for students to download, but has been removed from Apple’s iOS store and the Google Play…

Viral video shows employees using food as jump rope

RIVER CITY, FL (CNN) –   It’s the food video that’s gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The video was recorded on the social media app Snapchat showing Jimmy John’s employees using dough to jump rope and playing around with it in the kitchen. You can see the dough hit the ground multiple times. The local franchisers who own the location…


Taking more smiling selfies can increase happiness, new study says

Whether you’re an A-list celebrity or just feel like one, selfie-mania is everywhere, but according to a recent study, this could be a good thing. A new selfie study from the University of California-Irvine says that taking more smiling selfies increases your chances of happiness. Forty-one students spent four weeks taking selfies and then reporting their moods. Over time, they…

Broke The Bro-Code

Lakers coach Byron Scott is “disappointed” that an unflattering video of Nick Young apparently taken by rookie teammate D’Angelo Russell became public. The controversy began when Russell apparently recorded a video in which he asked Young about being with women other than his fiancée, rapper Iggy Azalea.