severe weather

California Mudslides

Heavy rain led to flooding and mudslides in California, killing at least a dozen people.

More than a dozen deaths are being blamed on powerful mudslides around southern California. It’s the same area which went up in flames during December’s massive wildfires. Without vegetation to absorb the water, those charred lands have left low-lying areas vulnerable to flooding and mudslides. Crews spent much of Tuesday rescuing people stuck in the mud. Even more had to…

Severe Weather Strikes

The death toll continues to rise in the South following a severe weather system.

  At least five people are now dead after strong storms hit the southeast. Communities in several states are now picking up the pieces following the severe weather. Louisiana’s governor toured the state’s heavy damage throughout the state Monday. A tornado may hit Luverne, Alabama without any warning but the Crenshaw County emergency manager spotted its formation.  A man was…

Midwest Twisters

Cleanup begins in the Midwest after tornadoes caused extensive damage this week.

  The cleanup is now underway after deadly tornadoes swept through the Midwest. At least three people were killed by the severe weather and dozens more were injured. Officials say a tornado moved through Owensville, Indiana,  leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Damage was also reported in parts of Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. A school in northern Alabama…