Proposing a Plan

The Senate has begun debate on a massive immigration proposal.

There’s already skepticism in Washington about a deal protecting DACA recipients. The Senate has begun debating a massive immigration package, and some lawmakers worry about trying to tackle too much at once. A Republican proposal follows President Trump’s suggestions, steering billions toward the border for more security and resources.The ‘Secure and Succeed Act’ gets rid of the diversity lottery program,…

Shutdown Looming

The Senate will convene today, struggling to set a plan to avoid a partial government shutdown tonight.

There will be some last-ditch efforts today to come up with a short-term deal to avoid a partial government shut down, but there isn’t much optimism on Capitol Hill.There was some progress yesterday with the house passing a short-term spending deal to keep the government open for about a month to try to come up with a longer-term agreement. The…

‘Bama Blue

Doug Jones has beat Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate special election.

  The margin was pretty tight, but Democrat Doug Jones picked off the open senate seat in Alabama, a stunning victory in a deeply red conservative state. Jones bested Republican Roy Moore in a state where GOP politics have dominated for decades. During the campaign, Moore was hit with claims of sexual misconduct from a number of women dating back…

Senate Struggles

The usually sedate Senate floor became home to some real moments of drama as Republicans try to pass the contentious tax reform plan.

  Senate Republicans will be back at it later today after failing to pass a big tax reform bill Thursday night. Democrats are trying to block the move. The bigger challenge for the GOP is keeping their own ranks in line. The party crossed a major hurdle when Senator John McCain came on board. But, there are still holdouts, most…

Moore Allegations

A Republican U.S. Senate candidate is facing some serious sexual misconduct allegations.

  Judge Roy Moore has denied  serious allegations from a number of women, but all of this could put a safe, reliable Republican senate seat in jeopardy. Roy Moore is under new pressure to step aside, just weeks before a special election. The Washington Post reports that four women have come forward, describing Moore’s conduct and propositions back when he…

Running the Race in Alabama

Republicans in Alabama make their pick for who they want to see challenge the Democrats for the state's open U.S. Senate seat.

  Former chief justice of the Alabama supreme court Roy Moore has comes out on top in his state’s senate primary runoff. The victory delivers a blow to President Trump, who supported Moore’s opponent. Moore defeated Luther Strange in the Republican race Tuesday, and will take on Democrat Doug Jones later this year. They’ll both be vying for the senate…

Repeal and Replace Defeated

Last night's Senate vote narrowly closed the latest attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.

  It was a long night for the Senate. Around one-forty in the morning, the latest GOP attempt to repeal Obamacare died by just a few votes. The voting was largely along party lines. However, Susan Collins from Maine, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, and john McCain of Arizona were the three votes that broke ranks from fellow Republicans. The loss…

The Saga Continues

The Senate narrowly voted in favor to start the debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act, a significant hurdle.

  Republicans will take another crack at repealing Obamacare after winning a dramatic vote Tuesday to begin the debate. It included an appearance by senator john McCain, his first since being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer last week. Vice President Mike Pence had to preside and cast a tie-breaking vote. The next step could be even harder-…

Debating the Floor

The Senate could be moving forward on health care today with open debate.

Lawmakers are expected to utilize a chance to move forward on healthcare later today. The Senate is set to take a procedural vote that allows for debate on the floor. However there’s a major snag for those on the fence about recent repeal and replace plans- It’s not entirely clear what legislation they’ll be debating. Previous bills collapsed due to…

Health Care Holding Pattern

The Senate is still trying to move forward with a new health care plan.

  President Trump is continuing his defense of son Donald junior’s meeting with a Russian lawyer, while Republicans are trying to steer focus back to legislative action, specifically their health care plan. Lawmakers last week postponed voting on the revised health care plan, now known as the “Better Care Reconciliation Act”, following Senator John McCain’s hospitalization for a blood clot….