First Primary Results

California was the most closely-watched state for Tuesday's primaries, but there were plenty of other key races around the country.

  California’s lieutenant governor is one step closer to getting the top job. Gavin Newsom beat his Democratic rivals to take the gubernatorial primary Tuesday. Beyond the golden state, New Jersey’s embattled Senator Bob Menendez won his primary despite some legal woes. The Democratic incumbent will go up against Republican Bob Hugin, a former pharmaceutical company exec. Alabama’s first female…

State Election Surprises

The Republicans suffered some big losses in a number of races during Tuesday's off-year elections.

  Democrat Ralph Northam savored his victory as he kept the governor’s seat in Virginia in Democratic hands in a surprisingly lopsided win. Northam beat Republican Ed Gillespie, who had embraced some of President Trump’s policies, but, also kept him at arms length. Democrats also took a win in New Jersey’s Gubernatorial election and a host of other contests. A…

Coal Setback for Clinton

A loss for Hillary Clinton in the West Virginia primary keeps Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic race.

  The loss in the West Virginia primary was not an upset, but still a minor setback for Hillary Clinton. Sen. Bernie Sanders will remain in the Democratic race, even after Clinton won Nebraska and is on track to secure the Democratic nomination. Clinton;s downfall in the Mountaineer state was coal; Clinton is looking to close mines and end the…

Surprises and a Suspension

The Indiana Primary results have surprises for both parties.

  A decisive win in the Indiana primary has left GOP frontrunner Donald Trump with a clear shot at the Republican nomination, as Sen. Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign. Even  with Gov. John Kasich still vowing to run until the convention, Trump has enough of a lead to be able to reach the remaining necessary delegates before this summer’s…

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New York State of Mind

The New York primary was a strong victory for both parties' frontrunners.

the results are in for one of the country’s biggest primary contests. Donald Trump easily pulled away  with the Republican victory, with more than 60% of the GOP vote.  Gov. John Kasich came in second, while Sen. Ted Cruz was a distant third. Cruz’s attention has already switched to the upcoming primary in Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton claimed her former Senate…

Wild, Wild West

Tuesday's results from a slate of Western states came with a few surprise victories.

  With yesterday’s terror attacks in Belgium still on voter’s minds, it was a wild Super Tuesday with the Arizona primary and Idaho and Utah caucuses. Sen. Bernie Sanders won two states- Idaho and Utah, while Hillary Clinton gained an important victory in Arizona. On the Republican side, Donald Trump won in Arizona, while Sen. Ted Cruz crushed him in…

Rubio’s Run Ends

Yesterday's Super Tuesday re-hash narrowed the field for the Republicans and widened the gap for the Democrats.

It was a night of big wins across the board for both parties after another Super Tuesday.  Donald Trump took Illinois, North Carolina, and Florida; the loss of his home state meant the suspension of Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign. Gov John Kasich took his state of Ohio, while Sen. Ted Cruz came up empty-handed. For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton all…

Super Tuesday -part two- was a big night for both the Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates, especially in Michigan.

  All the results are in from Tuesday’s primaries and caucuses. The bug upset- Senator Bernie Sanders defeating Hillary Clinton in Michigan, meanwhile the former secretary of state handily took the Deep South state of Mississippi.  For the GOP, Donald trump picked up the states of Michigan, Mississippi, and Hawaii while  Sen. Ted Cruz won Idaho. The next round of…

Super Tuesday Results

The Super Tuesday results are in, and they've painted a much clearer picture as to where the election is heading, and to some, where it may be ending.

  As Super Tuesday has come to a close, the results seem to show some clear favorites and some glimmers of hope for those falling behind. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton won seven of eleven states, six of them by a 30+ point margin. She;s close to the halfway point of required delegates for the nomination over Senator Bernie…