Running the Race in Alabama

Republicans in Alabama make their pick for who they want to see challenge the Democrats for the state's open U.S. Senate seat.

  Former chief justice of the Alabama supreme court Roy Moore has comes out on top in his state’s senate primary runoff. The victory delivers a blow to President Trump, who supported Moore’s opponent. Moore defeated Luther Strange in the Republican race Tuesday, and will take on Democrat Doug Jones later this year. They’ll both be vying for the senate…

NC lawmakers agree on HB2 compromise

RALEIGH, N.C. (WFXB) –  After debate, confusion and ultimately a standoff, Republican leaders and North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper say there’s finally a deal to repeal the state’s controversial bathroom law. An agreement was struck Wednesday night that repeals HB2, but it also retains a critical component of it. The deal leaves regulation of bathrooms solely in control of the state,…

Price of Health Care

Reaction is coming in after the Congressional Budget Office releases its score on the new Republican health care plan.

  Republicans and Democrats continue to feud over health care and the investigation into Russia. The Republican health care plan to replace Obamacare is put to the test, and its Congressional Budget Office score doesn’t look good. Even many Republicans are disappointed with the news, with some questioning the accuracy of the CBO’s results. But House Speaker Paul Ryan says…

‘This is anarchy’

N.C. Gov. Pat McRory tours firebombed GOP office

(CNN) – North Carolina’s Gov. McCrory visited the Republican Party headquarters in Orange County that was burned and vandalized over the weekend.

The Republican Nominee

Delegates formaily nominate Donald Trump for President.

  Day Two of the Republican National Convention ended with the party’s official nomination; delegates formally voted Donald Trump for the Republican nominee. Even with a commanding majority, some delegates wanted their dissenting voices heard. The delegation from Alaska demanded their votes for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio be counted, but because Trump was the only candidate running at the…

The RNC Kicks Off

The Republican National Convention kicked off in Cleveland, but not without some controversy.

  It was in a haze of smoke that the Republican nominee for President emerged, Donald Trump taking the stage in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. There were some naysayers in the arena, unbound delegates asking for a new vote to recall Trump, but failed. The theme of the night’s speakers was safety, with many highlights to the recent…