A Momentous Memo

It appears President Trump will release a controversial GOP memo that has become a political lightning rod in Washington.

President Trump signaled earlier in the week that he wanted to release this memo, and the American people may find out today whether it is truly explosive, or if it’s been oversold. The secret Republican-drafted memo from Congress that is said to lay out a case against FBI surveillance in the investigation into the Trump campaign. In Congress, this has…

Document Dump

Thousands of documents relating to the 1963 assassination of president John F. Kennedy have been made public.

  Documents from the National Archives released Thursday night likely won’t give exact answers on what happened November 22, 1963, but they do contain a trove of memos and government reports about the murder investigation, many written for other government officials. There’s yet to be any bombshell revelations, however there are small nuggets that will prove interesting to answer-seekers. More…

Tax Return Roller-Coaster

The White House is now commenting on President's Trump's 2005 taxes after a portion of the return was released to an investigative reporter.

  A tumultuous Tuesday for the White House after President Trump’s 2005 tax returns mysteriously appeared in the mailbox of an investigative journalist. The White House then rushed to report that the President paid nearly forty million dollars in taxes that year after earning at least $150 million. The Democratic National Committee has slammed the White House response to the…