First Debate Discussion

Last night's debate drew a big crowd and a bigger conversation.

  The start of the debate season may have sparked a new phase in the race for the White House. In front of a huge TV audience, Hillary Clinton laid a set list of charges against Trump, going after his tax returns and business acumen. But Trump was equally combative, demanding answers about Clinton’s email scandal, with the boisterous attitude…

Debate Disparage

Donald Trump's rivals threw everything they had at the frontrunner in last night's debate.

      The two trailing Senators tried to take down Trump last night in a war of words at the Fox News Republican debate. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are behind Donald Trump in the polls, and each gave it their all trying to take down Trump. Gov. John Kasich stayed out of the dogfight, but advised against electing…

Iowa GOP Debate Recap

Senator Ted Cruz took command in a Trump-less debate.

  The FOX News GOP debate last night was packed with Iowa voters and missing the front-runner. Donald Trump skipped the event in favor of a fundraiser of his own, citing issue with moderator Megyn Kelly. Instead, the top remaining candidates duked it out onstage in front of a full house of Republican voters, who have three days to decide…