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Changing the Contract

The head of Puerto Rico's power company said Sunday the agency will cancel its controversial contract with Whitefish Energy Holdings.

Puerto Rico has ended its controversial contract with a small Montana energy company, hired to re-build the island’s power grid. The U.S. territory’s power board gave Whitefish Energy a $300 million contract following Hurricane Maria last month. Maria decimated the island’s power grid, and some lawmakers are asking why this particular company was tapped to fix it. Whitefish is also…

Slow Relief for Puerto Rico

Aid and relief on the way to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico can't get there fast enough.

  More than three million people in Puerto Rico are still without basic necessities, like food and water following Hurricane Maria. Relief efforts have been sluggish at best. The assistance that has reached the island has mostly focused on San Juan. People outside the capital say they’ve received little to no help. With the island’s electric grid in shambles, the…

Maria Hits Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria batters the Caribbean, leaving all of Puerto Rico in the dark.

Hurricane Maria made landfall over Puerto Rico Wednesday as a category four storm, with so much force the entire island is now without power. Downtown San Juan was whipped by 155-mile-per-hour winds, and soaked in more than 20 inches of rain. A nighttime curfew is in place through Saturday to allow rescue and power crews to work. Forecasters say the…