Hoosier State Hash

Early polling has today's Indiana primary looking like a runaway.

  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could both add to their delegate counts today in the Indiana primary. but Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are vowing to stay in the race regardless of today’s results. Cruz has been using all the resources h can to try and get a leg-up on Trump, who has been dealing with more and…

Candidates Chat in the Big Apple

New York is now the center of the Presidential race ahead of the state's primary,

  With the primary a week away, the five remaining presidential candidates are in a heated race for their respective nominations as they try to pick up precious delegates. Almost 100 delegates will be available to the GOP candidates; Donald Trump is hoping to add to his delegate  lead while Gov John Kasich is looking for momentum, and Sen. Ted…

New Hampshire Eve

Presidential candidates make their final efforts to sway voters before tomorrow's primary.

    Things are looking tight before tomorrow’s New Hampshire primary. Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton spent the weekend in Flint, Michigan, to meet with residents affected by the water crisis. Following a narrow victory in Iowa, she trails Senator Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire polls. For the GOP. Donald Trump is looking to bounce back from his loss in…