Pipeline to Proceed

The US Army Corps of Engineers will allow the final chunk of construction on the controversial Dakota Pipeline Access project.

  Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline are calling for protests after the Army Corps of Engineers approved construction on the line’s final eleven hundred feet. The Obama administration had previously called for a delay in construction and a new environmental impact statement after claims by the Standing Rock Sioux.That the portion set to run underneath the Missouri River could…

Pipeline Project on Hold

Plans for a controversial oil pipeline have been put on hold.

  Thousands of protestors have reached a major victory as the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline has been put on hold. The Federal government and Army Corps of Engineers put the breaks on the mostly-finished pipeline, which was being met with fierce opposition from a local Native American tribe along with environmentalists, and several thousand veterans. The company building the project…

Pipeline Problems

The deadly pipeline explosion in Alabama may lead to gas shortages in the South.

Flames continue to burn after a deadly pipeline explosion in Shelby County, Alabama. The blast, believed have been caused by a collision from a construction vehicle, killed one worker and injured five others. Due to the accident, the pipeline (which delivers close to 40% of gasoline to the South) has been shut down, and now may threaten gas deliveries across…

Pipeline Protest Fire

No damage has been reported following a fire near a Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp.

  The cause of a mysterious fire is under investigation after the small blaze was spotted near a protest camp in North Dakota, where demonstrators have been protesting the construction of a three billion dollar an oil pipeline. No injuries or damage was reported. Local officials say they were not able to respond to the flames due to the terrain….