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Pro-Trump sign causes controversy

Shell ends contract with gas station over profane sign

  NASHVILLE, TN – A gas station in Nashville that posted a profanity-laced pro-Trump sign is facing major backlash. Video of the sign was posted on the store’s Facebook page, which has over a 250,000 views. As of midnight Friday, Shell Corporate allegedly ended its contract with the store, which according to the owners of the store, was because they…

Elephant in the Room

The GOP looks at the possibility of a contested Republican convention.

As this summer’s Republican Convention in Cleveland looms, GOP party leaders are looking at the chance that they may not have an outright winner beforehand, which would mean a contested convention. If none of the primary candidates win the necessary 1237 delegates beforehand, the RNC could choose anyone at their convention. The current leader in delegates, Donald Trump, sees the…