Democratic Town Hall

Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders participated in the same town hall event in New Hampshire.

It wasn’t a debate, but both remaining Democratic presidential candidates discussed their views and progressive records during a town hall meeting in Derry, NH. Fresh off her narrow win in the Iowa caucus, Clinton is polling behind Sanders as the New Hampshire primary is a week away.

Wicked Weather Approaching

Blizzard conditions bury the Midwest, while tornadoes touch down in the Southeast.

Parts of the Midwest received nearly a foot of snow as a nasty weather crossed the country. The same storm system left some homes damages in the southeast as well,, with reports of tornadoes in Alabama and Mississippi. Heavy precipitation is expected to reach the East Coast later today.

Iowa Caucus Results

Senator Ted Cruz snagged the GOP win in Iowa, while Hillary Clinton edges ahead for the Democrats.

The first caucus of the year led to some surprises in Iowa. On the Republican ticket, Ted Cruz came ahead of polling front-runner Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio finished third. The Democratic side of the ticket was much closer -too close to call through most of the evening- with Hillary Clinton being named the winner  just ahead of Senator Bernie…

Iowa Caucus Today

The Presidential candiates make their last-minute pitches to Iowa voters.

    Tonight’s Iowa caucus may determine the future for both Republican and Democratic parties, with campaigns running down to the wire. GOP front-runner Donald Trump is still behind his decision to forgo the Republican debate last week, while Senator Ted Cruz is adamant he can win the general election. Across the aisle, Hillary Clinton believes she’s the woman who…

Iowa GOP Debate Recap

Senator Ted Cruz took command in a Trump-less debate.

  The FOX News GOP debate last night was packed with Iowa voters and missing the front-runner. Donald Trump skipped the event in favor of a fundraiser of his own, citing issue with moderator Megyn Kelly. Instead, the top remaining candidates duked it out onstage in front of a full house of Republican voters, who have three days to decide…

Frontrunner Forgoes Debate

Donald Trump will skip the debate in Iowa

Donald Trump will be skipping tonight’s GOP debate and will instead host his own fundraising event for veterans. Trump is still dwelling on his mistreatment by FOX News host (and one of the debate’s moderators) Megyn Kelly. Republican rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who is second behind Trump in the polls, has invited the front-runner to a one-on-one debate Saturday…