Charlotte Passes Protection Ordinance

Charlotte's City Council voted in favor of a bill that would provide protections for the LGBT community, including restroom choices for transgendered people.

    Tensions ran high during a Charlotte City Council meeting while hearing arguments on an anti-discrimination bill that would allow, among other things, a public restroom choice for transgender people. The “Bathroom Bill” is seen as long overdue by trans people and supporters, while opponents said the bill was against their beliefs, others claim it opens the door for…

Primary Predicaments

New poll numbers signal a changing presidential race for both parties as candidates prepare for key votes this weekend in South Carolina and Nevada.

  As both parties prepare for the next round of primaries this weekend, Senator Ted Cruz has taken the lead in a new national poll. The new man in second place, Donald Trump, has threatened to sue Cruz over a campaign ad; the senator laughing it off. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a statistical…

Apple Opens Phone

A judge has ordered Apple to help unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardnio shooters.

    A US magistrate has ordered  Apple to help the FBI investigate the San Bernardino terror attack back in December.  The tech company has to help hack an iPhone that belonged to one of the shooters. With the advent of cell phone locks, criminal investigations have become more difficult, especially for authorities trying to retrieve evidence. The forcing of…

Docket Dilemma

Justice Antonin Scalia's death will have huge ramifications on the Supreme Court in the coming months.

      In the midst of a term already packed with a series of upcoming rulings, the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has left a hole in the nation’s highest court. With decisions already made but not announced, the Court must now decide if the loss of Scalia changes the outcome, or if any opinions he was…

Democratic Discussion

  Both Democratic candidates are set on solidifying their support heading into the next primary. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took the stage for a debate in Wisconsin last night, each vying for the vote from key demographics: African Americans, Latinos, and women. Clinton argued her candidacy will be an extension of the current administration, while Sanders is working on…

GOP Dropouts

The field of Republican Presidential hopefuls is dwindling following the New Hampshire primary.

    Despite new faces gaining momentum following the New Hampshire primary, other GOP hopefuls are calling it quits. Despite campaigning for more than seventy days in the Granite State, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is ending his bid for President of the United States after finishing sixth in the primary. Carly Fiorina is also ending her campaign after…

New Hampshire Results

The New Hampshire primary delivers big wins for the anti-establishment candidates in both parties.

  Last night’s New Hampshire primary results came in earlier than anticipated, with both winners finishing big. Senator Bernie Sanders ran off with 60% of the Democratic votes, Hillary Clinton a distant second with 38%. On the GOP side, Donald Trump took the win a 35% majority. Governor John Kasich came in second with 16%. Next on the campaign trail: …

First Primary Tonight

All eyes are on New Hampshire for tonight's primary.

  The one hundred year old tradition continues tonight as New Hampshire holds the first primary of the Presidential election. This year is expected to draw a record turnout thanks to a combination of state pride and the crowded field of candidates. There’s no clear front-runner, either- polling shows almost half of voters are undecided.

New Hampshire Eve

Presidential candidates make their final efforts to sway voters before tomorrow's primary.

    Things are looking tight before tomorrow’s New Hampshire primary. Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton spent the weekend in Flint, Michigan, to meet with residents affected by the water crisis. Following a narrow victory in Iowa, she trails Senator Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire polls. For the GOP. Donald Trump is looking to bounce back from his loss in…

Democratic Debate Dogfight

Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton pounded away at one another in last night's Democratic Debate.

    The two Democrat candidates still running for President faced off in a one-on-one debate and despot the small size, they made noise. Hillary Clinton needed to stem some of Bernie Sanders’ momentum following her narrow win in Iowa. Sanders was building on his high polling, even higher in New Hampshire, and continued his progressivist campaign. The New Hampshire…