Payoff Placed

A major revelation from President Trump's new lawyer, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

New presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani told FOX’s Sean Hannity that while one-time Trump attorney Michael Cohen may have cut a check to silence adult actress Stormy Daniels about an alleged affair with Trump, it was then billed to the President, who paid. That payment to Daniels in the final days before the 2016 election has raised questions about whether it…

Probing Closer

President Trump could eventually face a grand jury subpoena in the ongoing Russia probe.

It may be a Trump – Mueller showdown in the making. Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel in the Russia probe wants to talk to the President- and a former attorney for the President has said back in March Mueller threatened to use a subpoena to make it happen, which could touch off a legal battle. The revelation came just a…

Asylum Granted

Asylum seekers from that migrant caravan making its way through Mexico have begun to enter the United States.

The caravan of Central American immigrants has become a test of wills: immigrants who claim refuge under international law versus a President who has made reforming a troubled border a central goal. After some processing delays, a handful of immigrants have been granted entry over the objections of President Trump. Some have also been arrested for criminal illegal entry. Most…

Border Bottleneck

The caravan of hundreds of immigrants that's been making its way through Mexico has arrived at the U.S. border.

Hundreds of central Americans- having made their way north for weeks- are hoping to find a home in the united states, but have run into resistance at the U.S.-Mexico border. U. S. Customs and Border Protection says they are at capacity for undocumented asylum-seekers, and many of the caravan of immigrants will simply have to wait, as the political pressure…

Catching A Killer

Police captured California's most elusive serial killer this week.

Authorities were led to 72-year-old Joseph James Deangelo, a former police officer, who wasn’t considered a suspect until 6-days ago.That’s when investigators made a major breakthrough, using a genealogical website and matching DNA from the crime scenes to one of Deangelo’s relatives on the site. The DNA match made it possible to tie him to the most of those crimes….

Nomination Accusations

The White House is standing firm behind President Trump's embattled choice to take over as Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

A scathing Congressional report has come out, blasting President Trump’s choice to head the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, White House doctor Ronny Jackson says he is still moving forward with his nomination. Multiple sources said Jackson’s nickname was “Candyman” because he would provide prescriptions with no paperwork. Some of the accusations against him include Jackson allegedly being unreachable when…

Taking on the Travel Ban

The Supreme Court will begin the final case of the term today: President Trump's travel ban.

The Supreme Court will begin to hearing arguments today over whether President Trump crossed a line when he largely banned entry to travelers from seven countries, most of the them Muslim majority nations. Opponents point to President Trump’s statements about Muslims during the presidential campaign, arguing that the his motivations matter. Supporters of the ban say this is about security…

Shooter Apprehended

Police have apprehended the man accused of killing four people at a Tennessee diner, ending a massive manhunt.

People around Nashville can breathe easy. The accused gunman in Sunday’s deadly Waffle House shooting has been found. Travis Reinking was apprehended Monday afternoon. He was armed and apprehended not far from his Nashville complex. He’d been at large since the weekend shooting, prompting numerous authorities to descend on the area. The investigation revealed Reinking’s firearms had been taken away…

Middle Tennessee Manhunt

The massive manhunt continues for the man who opened fire at a Tennessee diner killing four people and wounding four others.

Early Sunday morning, 29-year-old Travis Reinking shot two people outside an Antioch, Tennessee Waffle house. He then went inside and continued to fire his a-r-15, killing a total of four people and wounding four others. Customer James Shaw Junior was inside and when the gunman paused momentarily, Shaw took the opportunity to knock the gun from his hands. Reinking ran…

Deadly Ambush

A pair of Florida deputies are dead victims of an ambush Thursday afternoon.

Florida law enforcement is in mourning. Officials have confirmed the deaths of two officers, Sergeant Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey, who were shot and killed in a ace china restaurant in the city of Trenton, about 35 miles west of Gainesville. Police say the suspect simply walked up to the building and fired through a window. Responding officers found…