Primary Recap

The results are in from Tuesday's 2018 midterm primary elections and runoff races.

Voters in New York, Maryland, Utah, Oklahoma, and Colorado turned out to the polls on Tuesday for primary elections, while people in South Carolina and Mississippi made their picks in runoff races. In Utah, former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney won his Republican senate primary and will face Democrat Jenny Wilson for retiring Republican Senator Orrin Hatch’s seat. In South Carolina’s…

Medication Denial

An Arizona woman says a pharmacist at a Walgreen denied her medication.

An Arizona woman says a pharmacist at a Peoria Walgreens denied her medication to end her pregnancy on moral grounds, after doctors told her that her unborn baby stopped developing and that she would miscarry. Nicole Arteaga says she was humiliated after a pharmacist at Walgreens refused to fill a prescription to end her pregnancy- a pregnancy she wanted, but…

A Shake-Up in Immigration

President Trump is talking about expediting the legal process at the border to speed up deportations.

  While the border policy may still be in flux, there are reports this morning that some illegal immigrants are simply being released into the country now without facing charges – a big change from recent weeks. The President still talking about a crackdown, while many are waiting the impact of the President’s executive order, signed last week, that would…

A Taxing Decision

The Supreme Court says online retailers must collect sales tax.

Internet retailers across the country are bracing for the impact from yesterday’s 5 to 4 Supreme Court ruling recognizing the rights of states to collect taxes from e-retailers. It’s a big big win for the states and potentially a big loss for consumers. The decision overturns a 1992 Supreme Court precedent that blocked states from collecting sales taxes on companies…

Ending Separation

The President has signed an executive order to end the separation of families at the border.

Faced with growing backlash over images of illegal immigrant families being separated at the border under a new zero tolerance policy, the president had just signed an executive order to begin holding families together. The president is promising that it will not impact his zero tolerance approach to the border. The executive order may already face legal challenges as it…

No Tolerance For No Tolerance

President Trump's crackdown at the border is leaving Republicans in Congress scrambling to find a fix.

  President Trump walked of out a meeting with House Republicans on the hill, and was quickly met with hecklers, including some Democratic members of Congress. Such is the climate now in Washington with both sides digging in over the administration’s no tolerance policy at the border which calls for prosecuting all adults crossing illegally, which, in turn requires that…

World Cup Excitement

Reactions are pouring in after North America scored the bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Jubilation as the United states, Mexico, and Canada won the bid to co-host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The U.S. will host 60 out of the 80 games while Canada and Mexico will each host ten matches. Also new for 2026, the field of teams will expand from 32 teams to 48. Several cities across the U.S. are already making…

Wildfires Out West

Crews across the west coast battling several growing wildfires.

Nearly a thousand firefighters are battling to contain Colorado’s largest fire, the 4-16 fire, burning near Duran, in San Juan National Forest. Flames have spread over 23,000 acres, and crews have only been able to contain about 15% of the blaze. More than two thousand residents have been forced to evacuate. Another wildfire erupted in Silverthorne, Colorado on Tuesday. Although…

Historic Handshake

A historic summit between President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un appears to put both countries on a new path toward peace.

Handshakes, signatures and promises. The sweeping images from Singapore show President Trump and Kim Jong Un approaching one another, then shaking hands. An incredible moment between the leaders of two countries that technically remain at war. The two signed a comprehensive agreement, with North Korea committing to denuclearization in exchange for security guarantees. There was also a promise to return…

Starting the Summit

The President is starting his summit trip with a sit-down with Singapore's Prime Minister.

  The international spotlight is on Asia with both summit attendees landing in Singapore on Sunday. Ahead of President Trump’s highly anticipated summit with north Korean leader Kim Jong Un Tuesday, the President will be attending a closed bilateral meeting with Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee. And tomorrow, all eyes will be on the unprecedented one-on-one meeting between the sitting U.S….