Iran Deal Ire

Leaders overseas react to what could happen if President Trump pulled out of the Iran deal.

It’s the start of a tense week for world leaders. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu told journalists that an agreement that enables Iran to keep and hide all its nuclear weapons know-how is a horrible deal. He said it must be fixed or nixed, warning that if nothing is done Iran will have a nuclear arsenal. He also told his…

Mysterious Crash

Officials have lots of questions about an SUV that went off a cliff, killing members of a large adopted family.

An entire family appears to have plunged off a California cliff in their SUV. The bodies of two parents, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, and three adopted children have been found. Three more kids, also adopted, are still missing. Officials believe the remaining three were also in the car, and may also be dead. Those who knew the Harts are stunned….

Mounting Pressure

There may be another major resignation from Congress today.

  Minnesota senator Al Franken is expected to make an announcement about his political future after two more women have come forward, accusing him of sexual misconduct. Many Democrats in congress are calling on Franken to resign. Aides insisted Wednesday night that Franken hadn’t decided decided yet what he was going to announce today, but there will be some sort…

Somalian Terror Strike

A two part truck bombing in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, Saturday killed hundreds and injured many more.

THIS MATERIAL CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIDEO AND/OR AUDIO   Somali officials say a truck bomb exploded at a busy intersection in the capital of Mogadishu on Saturday. Two hours later another blast hit nearby. The death toll stands at 276 and is expected to rise, as at least three-hundred people are injured. Officials say it’s the deadliest attack in Somali history,…

Lucky woman gets Bill Gates as her Secret Santa

One lucky woman got the best possible Secret Santa this year: the richest man in the world, Bill Gates As a part of Reddit’s 2016 gift exchange, 30-year-old Alicia from Nebraska was ‘flabbergasted’ to find Bill’s generous box of gifts on her doorstep. The package included several video games, a classic NES video game system, some video game-related paraphernalia and a…