Probe Meetings

Congress is about to learn much more today about the origins of the Russian collusion investigation.

There’s been a lot of build-up to these meetings with the Justice Department later today. The information is considered classified and both the Justice Department and the FBI have been reluctant to talk about the use of informants in this investigation. The two briefings today — one of which was just opened up to Democratic leaders of Congress — may…

Probing Closer

President Trump could eventually face a grand jury subpoena in the ongoing Russia probe.

It may be a Trump – Mueller showdown in the making. Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel in the Russia probe wants to talk to the President- and a former attorney for the President has said back in March Mueller threatened to use a subpoena to make it happen, which could touch off a legal battle. The revelation came just a…

Collusion Collateral

President Trump is beefing up his legal team and taking more shots at the special counsel investigating possible collusion with Russia.

The White House says the president is not thinking about firing Robert Mueller, but the President and his supporters are clearly building a case against the team that Mueller leads. President Trump’s legal team is expanding, bringing on board veteran Washington attorney Joe Digenova who has, in the past, not hidden his contempt for those investigating the president. Much of…