Wild Weather Weekend

Deadly storms rocked the Midwest and the South.

Deadly storms swept across the middle-portion of the country, bringing dangerous winds, tornadoes, and heavy flooding. At least fourteen people  were killed in the severe storms that stretched across the Southwest and Midwest. The clean-up is just now getting started, as some neighborhoods were destroyed by tornadoes. Flooding also remains a big concern. More rain could be on the way…

Midwest Twisters

Cleanup begins in the Midwest after tornadoes caused extensive damage this week.

  The cleanup is now underway after deadly tornadoes swept through the Midwest. At least three people were killed by the severe weather and dozens more were injured. Officials say a tornado moved through Owensville, Indiana,  leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Damage was also reported in parts of Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. A school in northern Alabama…