Back of the Line

A Tampa school punishes bad students by putting them in the back of the lunch line and parents are outraged over the public shaming. Find out what changes they’re trying to make to the harsh policy.

Thursday’s Headlines

Lauren has the latest on how Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has been using a private email server for government documents. Also, find out which sports hero who paid 83 families power bills.

Banning Santa?

A New York School Principal has decided to remove any traces of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the Pledge of Allegiance from her school. Find out how parents are reacting.

Friday’s Midday Headlines

Lauren Pogulis has an overview of the afternoon’s top headlines including the latest on how the Middle East is reacting to Donald Trump’s latest comment. Also, find out if your favorite sweet tea has been recalled for containing glass. Plus, she has a heartwarming story of how children with cancer received a trip to the North Pole.

The Right to Bear Arms?

One Michigan school went on lock down after a parent took his gun onto the premises which brings up the question: should parents be able to bring concealed weapons on campus?