DNC’S sewage spill

Democrats apologize after campaign bus dumps raw sewage in Georgia

(CNN) – A Georgia man snaps photos of a DNC tour bus — illegally dumping human waste into a storm drain. The Democratic National Committee has apologized and is now trying to explain the driver’s actions. The incident spawned an all-out hazmat situation, and even the state Environmental Protection Division is involved. DNC reps explained what led up to the incident, saying “the driver…

Final face-off

What you need to know before the last presidential debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are just hours away from their last face-to-face showdown before the election, the final chance to push their arguments on the debate stage. The debate topics will include immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign policy, and fitness to be president. That last topic will likely spark talk of controversies roiling both campaigns… …including Hillary…

‘Pokemon Go’ Causing Real-World Injuries

'Pokemon Go' Causing Real-World Injuries

The new ‘Pokemon Go’ app has surpassed Tinder as the most popular app, but unfortunately it’s coming at a cost.  Various incidents across the country have officials worried.  A Wyoming teen was led to a dead body from the app, and a teen in Missouri was robbed after being lured to an isolated area.

Mother Leaves Sleeping 10-Month-Old Home Alone

Mother Leaves Sleeping 10-Month-Old Home Alone

A mother is going viral for all the wrong reasons.  The mom posted in an online forum that she frequently leaves her 10-month-old home alone while she’s sleeping.  The mother said she’ll run out to the store quickly, and she’s never been gone for more than seven minutes.  After posting her story, many obviously called the mother irresponsible.  However, a…

The Cold Shoulder? Meteorologist Given Sweater To “Cover-Up” On Air

The Cold Shoulder? Meteorologist Given Sweater To "Cover-Up" On Air

A KTLA meteorologist in Los Angeles is grabbing internet headlines after a bizarre weekend.  An anchor brought the meteorologist a sweater to “cover up” her dress during her weather broadcast.  The anchor admitted the station received many emails about her “inappropriate” dress.  Greg and Abbi break down whether this was a fashion faux pas, or social media overreacting.

Woman Admitted To Hospital, With Shark Still Attached To Arm

Woman Admitted To Hospital, With Shark Still Attached To Arm

A woman in Boca Raton, FL will have a story to tell!  The 23-year-old was admitted to the hospital this weekend WITH a nurse shark still attached to her arm.  The shark was dead when first responders arrived, but it maintained its grip.  The nurse shark was removed at the hospital, and the woman is doing fine.