Man fined $128 for warming up his car in driveway

ROSEVILLE, MI (CNN) – One man’s parking ticket is going viral. It shows he got a ticket for warming up his car in his own driveway. But why? Taylor Trupiano says he was just doing what most do during a cold Michigan morning, but police say it was because he left the keys in the ignition with the motor running…

101-Year-Old Competes in Senior Olympics

While the world’s top athletes compete for Olympic gold in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, some not-so-young runners are pursuing their Olympic dreams in Michigan. 101-year-old Fred Winter is one of the competitors in the state’s Senior Olympics, taking part in several events including the 50-meter and the 100-meter dashes.

Courthouse Shooting Raises Questions

Authorities in Michigan are being asked to review security guidelines in the wake of a deadly shooting.

  Michigan’s Berrin County Courthouse will re-open today after a prisoner transfer turned deadly on Monday. An inmate being removed from a holding cell was able to wrestle a gun from a deputy and kill two court bailiffs. The deputy and a civilian were also wounded. Responding officers the shot and killed the inmate.  Officials believe the inmate’s dexterity was…

Social Media Accounts to be Treated like Assets

Death is inevitable… so what happens to your social media accounts once you pass on? A new state law in Michigan will allow someone to access someone else’s social media posts and emails after they die. Facebook posts and emails of people who died could be accessed by a person designated in a will under legislation that Gov. Rick Snyder has…

Wolverine State Warm-Up

The race for the White House heats up with four primaries and caucuses toady.

      Today is another big day for the Presidential candidates in both parties, as voters head to the polls in Hawaii, Idaho, Mississippi, and Michigan.  On the republican side, polls show Ohio Gov John Kasich closing in on front-runner Donald Trump in the Great Lakes State, while Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took part in a FOX…

The Right to Bear Arms?

One Michigan school went on lock down after a parent took his gun onto the premises which brings up the question: should parents be able to bring concealed weapons on campus?