The Houston Astros beat the Dodgers 5-1 to become 2017 World Series Champions.

The Houston Astros are the 2017 World Series Champions. Astros fans watching the game from Minute Maid Park let it all out after the final call in game seven, 5-1 over the Los Angeles Dodgers. The series was a wild roller-coaster over seven games. It was a disappointing night for the Dodgers- a home field advantage just wasn’t enough for…

Beginning Recovery

Houston begins cleaning up and looking at a very costly recovery process.

There are moments of calm amidst the devastation, but floodwaters still remain high. In Houston, authorities are going door to door, keeping track of cleared homes using GPS coordinates. The state says some 37,000 homes in Texas have been heavily damaged, 7,000 destroyed. Crowds in shelters are thinning a bit, but it’s not clear where many people will go. The…

Hardship from Harvey

Despite clear skies, Houston is still facing dangerous floods.

  Harvey is now a tropical depression, still soaking east Texas after leaving the Houston area with a messy and dangerous clean-up. While floodwaters overall have begun to recede, in some areas they have continued to rise. To the east, communities like Port Arthur and Beaumont have been inundated with water. Northeast of Houston, another crisis is brewing following a…

Clearing Skies

The weather forecast is finally improving for Houston, but thousands of residents may still be trapped in the flood-ravaged city.

The skies have cleared over Houston, taxes, and while the improving weather is a welcome relief, there is a tremendous amount of work ahead. The death toll is rising as rescue crews come across more victims of Harvey. Among the casualties, Houston police officer Steve Perez, who was trapped in his vehicle while responding to the storm.New mega shelters are…

Houston Underwater

Harvey has dropped nearly two feet of water on the flooded Houston area.

  The worst may be yet to come in Houston as now tropical storm Harvey continues to dump rain on an area already experiencing record floods. The torrential rainfall is not letting up as Harvey moved back offshore into warm gulf waters and gained a bit of strength. The death toll is almost certain to rise as rescuers race to…

Flooded Forecast

Rescue efforts are underway as Hurricane Harvey continues to cause devastating flooding in Texas.

More rain in Houston today and this is going to be the reality for this part of Texas for the next few days yet as Harvey continues to dump record setting rainfall, floodwaters continue to rise and rescue crews are racing. A flotilla of government and volunteer rescue boats have been trying to meet the demand. shelters are quickly filling….

Texas Flooding

Heavy rains are finally starting to lift in Texas, but the danger of flooding remains.

  The threat of rising waters continues outside of Houston, TX, even with the rain coming to a stop. The Brazos river has yet to crest, and more water is expected to arrive as river flow downstream through already over-saturated land. Officials have called for mandatory evacuations, including a local state prison.  The Governor has already declared 31 counties disater…

More Rain Hitting Houston

More rain is on the way after deadly flooding in Texas

  More evacuations have been called following the forecast for more rain in Houston; the city is already underwater from historical flash flooding earlier this week. The San Jacinto river is the highest its ben in decades, and with more evacuations even among the holdout. Officials are now warning those near the Addicks and Barker reservoirs due to the age…