Solving the Shutdown

Another government shutdown could be just hours away.

Congressional leaders from both parties have a deal to keep the government open, but it’s expected to be a hard sell on both sides. For Republicans, there’s a massive increase for military and defense spending; for Democrats, a bigger budget for domestic programs. The compromise has its opponents, however. Many republicans are balking at the price tag, and some democrats…

Going to the House

The House is set to vote on the budget deal today, and it is expected to be very close.

  The House is expected to vote today on a budget deal already that has passed by the Senate. If the budget deal passes, it could set the table for tax reform to be done by the end of the year. If it doesn’t, one of the President’s top priorities could be stopped in its tracks. The President is looking…

House Passes Healthcare

The House of Representatives narrowly approved a new Healthcare plan.

  President Trump has his first big legislative victory with the first step to repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The vote was close, but, the GOP prevailed, passing a plan that would allow states more flexibility to alter Obamacare insurance requirements to help bring premiums down. Tax credits would be offered to help purchase plans. Critics say many would end…