Renting vs. buying

To buy or rent? That is the questions that thousands of people ask themselves each and every year when considering their next home. There are pros and cons to each option, so Faith Adams from Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group visits the studio to break it all down. For more information, contact Faith at faithadams@atlanticbay.com.

Man On The Strand: Work Emails

Man On The Strand: Work Emails

The French government is taking a stand against answering emails off the clock.  It could soon be illegal for bosses or companies to force their employees to check or answer emails when they are not in the office.  Tyler hits the streets to find out if you’re on board with this policy.

Mother Leaves Sleeping 10-Month-Old Home Alone

Mother Leaves Sleeping 10-Month-Old Home Alone

A mother is going viral for all the wrong reasons.  The mom posted in an online forum that she frequently leaves her 10-month-old home alone while she’s sleeping.  The mother said she’ll run out to the store quickly, and she’s never been gone for more than seven minutes.  After posting her story, many obviously called the mother irresponsible.  However, a…

Fake Funeral Home Posts “Text and Drive” Billboard

Fake Funeral Home Posts "Text and Drive" Billboard

A Canadian company is causing a lot of emotion online from its billboard that reads “Text and Drive”.  The billboard is from a fake-funeral home, and is actually meant to be a PSA against texting and driving.  Greg and Abbi explain why such a dramatic measure could save lives when it comes to texting and driving.

Life’s Milestones: First Kiss, First Job, Moving Out, & Having Child

Life's Milestones: First Kiss, First Job, Moving Out, & Having Child

Researchers have determined the average age people hit certain life milestones.  According to their findings, the average person gets their first kiss at age 15, their first full time job at the age of 19, moves away from home at the age of 22, and has their first child at the age of 28.  Greg and Abbi talk about if…

Darlington Dog of the Week

Say hello to our friend Cassie...

Our Dog of the week this week is miss Cassie. Cassie is one of the sweetest pups you will ever meet, she considers herself a lap dog. Sad to say Cassie found her way to the shelter in a very emaciated state, but she has since recovered and her sweet spirit was too strong to be crushed so easily. She…