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Repeal and Replace Defeated

Last night's Senate vote narrowly closed the latest attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.

  It was a long night for the Senate. Around one-forty in the morning, the latest GOP attempt to repeal Obamacare died by just a few votes. The voting was largely along party lines. However, Susan Collins from Maine, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, and john McCain of Arizona were the three votes that broke ranks from fellow Republicans. The loss…

Debating the Floor

The Senate could be moving forward on health care today with open debate.

Lawmakers are expected to utilize a chance to move forward on healthcare later today. The Senate is set to take a procedural vote that allows for debate on the floor. However there’s a major snag for those on the fence about recent repeal and replace plans- It’s not entirely clear what legislation they’ll be debating. Previous bills collapsed due to…

Health Care Holding Pattern

The Senate is still trying to move forward with a new health care plan.

  President Trump is continuing his defense of son Donald junior’s meeting with a Russian lawyer, while Republicans are trying to steer focus back to legislative action, specifically their health care plan. Lawmakers last week postponed voting on the revised health care plan, now known as the “Better Care Reconciliation Act”, following Senator John McCain’s hospitalization for a blood clot….

Obstacles Ahead for the Administration

Republicans see obstacles to their new healthcare plan.

  The battle over health care reform is just beginning as the House Ways and Means Committee  will meet today to start fine-tuning the new Republican health care plan that was introduced earlier this week. But so far, cost estimates are not yet out from the Congressional Budget office that would show how much the GOP’s plan will cost. Also,…