Parole Possible

O.J. Simpson goes up up for parole this afternoon.

  There’s a chance for parole today for O.J. Simpson after goes before a judge. Simpson has served the minimum 9-year sentence on armed robbery and assault charges, following a 2007 incident where he and five accomplices tried to steal back some of his football memorabilia inside a Las Vegas casino hotel room. Simpson was previously acquitted in the the…

Capitol Hill Hearings Continue

Some more of President-Elect Trump's cabinet nominees took some tough questions yesterday.

  Four hearings on Capitol Hill featured some more of President-Elect Donald Trump’s nominees, including three cabinet positions and the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Democrats targeted Housing and Human Services nominee Georgia Congressman Dr. Tom Price for his financial investments, while Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s hearing to be the next EPA administrator raised questions about his…

Trump Picks in Committee

More of President-Elect Trump's Cabinet nominees have confirmation hearings today.

  President-Elect Trump held his first press conference since wining the election yesterday, refusing to answer some questions form the press and raising some concerns about the possible conflict of interest with the Trump business. The President-Elect’s Cabinet picks also took some hard questions during their senate confirmation hearings, namely Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson.  Additional Cabinet nominees will…