Study suggests ingredient in Nutella may cause cancer

If you love Nutella, brace yourself. A new report says an ingredient in the chocolate spread could cause cancer. The controversy centers around palm oil. The company that makes this chocolate spread, says using a different type of oil would lead to a less quality product. The European Food Safety Authority released a study that that confirms mice ingesting palm…

South Carolina expected to be flu ‘hot spot’

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WFXB) – No matter if you are traveling this holiday season or staying put in the Carolinas, listen up, because you could be at greater risk for picking up the flu. WebMD says several regions are expected to have high levels of flu symptoms between Christmas and the start of the new year. Topping the list is Charleston….

Make Christmas a little brighter for Brayden McCormick

SPARTANBURG, SC (WFXB) –  One little boy from the Palmetto State already made his wish list for Santa, but this year, he is asking for something quite simple: Christmas cards. Six-year old Brayden McCormick from Spartanburg suffers from 40 different illnesses and has undergone over 80 surgeries. Most recently, doctors diagnosed Brayden with HLH, a rare autoimmune disease. Brayden’s parents say…

Sleep deprived?

Your smartphone may lead to poor sleep, study says

CNN – Using your smartphone especially near bedtime could affect how much and how long you sleep. University of California at San Francisco researchers studied data on more than 650 adults enrolled in an internet-based health study. Participants’ smartphones were provided with an app that recorded the number of minutes that the phone screen was on every hour. Everyone was monitored…

Halloween health warning

Feds warn against costume contact lenses for Halloween

With Halloween just days away, officials are issuing a special warning about decorative contact lenses. Doctors warn these black-market contacts, usually marketed as “costume” or “colored lenses,” could cause serious injuries to the eye, including infections and loss of vision. Improperly stored or shipped contacts can shelter bacteria, and lead-based materials can leach directly into the eye. In order to…

A cure for baldness?

Arthritis drug may help with hair loss condition alopecia

(CNN) – For people who suffer from a condition that causes disfiguring hair loss, a drug used for rheumatoid arthritis might regrow their hair, a new study suggests. As part of a study conducted at Stanford and Yale, sixty-six alopecia areata patients took the pill, called Xeljanz, which is prescribed for people with rheumatoid arthritis, another autoimmune disease. More than half…

‘I can do anything’

Girl's message about Down syndrome inspires thousands

(FOX NEWS) – A 7-year-old girl who was abandoned at birth and spent the first year of her life at an orphanage in Ukraine is helping spread awareness during Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Jennifer Sanchez, of California, said the family decided to adopt Sofia in 2010 after their youngest of three sons was born with Down syndrome. Since then, Sofia has…

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