G20 Begins

Protests announced the start of today's G20 Summit in Germany.

The clashes have already begun. A tense morning in Germany after some standoffs between police and protesters turned violent. The crowds came for a number of reasons, like opposing capitalism, climate change, or dissatisfaction with President Trump, who arrived yesterday. The most anticipated meeting of the international summit will come later today as President Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir…

Trump Overseas

President Trump is in Poland this morning as he prepares for the G20 summit in Germany.

For President Trump, meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda is a warm-up act for some delicate days of diplomacy ahead. But even in Europe, he was asked about his relationship with the media and a growing crisis with North Korea after this week’s missile launch. The reception in Germany later today won’t be as warm. Anti-globalization activists are already out…