A fire onboard a JetBlue flight reveals why a laptop ban could be dangerous

GRAND RAPIDS, M.I. (WFXB) – Scary moments for passengers on board a JetBlue flight Monday night after a laptop caught fire mid-air. In turn, the incident has sparked concern about President Trump’s rumored laptop ban extension. Passengers and crew members aboard the San Francisco-to-New York flight noticed smoke coming from a backpack. The FAA blamed the fire on a laptop lithium…

Pipeline Protest Fire

No damage has been reported following a fire near a Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp.

  The cause of a mysterious fire is under investigation after the small blaze was spotted near a protest camp in North Dakota, where demonstrators have been protesting the construction of a three billion dollar an oil pipeline. No injuries or damage was reported. Local officials say they were not able to respond to the flames due to the terrain….