Mysterious Crash

Officials have lots of questions about an SUV that went off a cliff, killing members of a large adopted family.

An entire family appears to have plunged off a California cliff in their SUV. The bodies of two parents, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, and three adopted children have been found. Three more kids, also adopted, are still missing. Officials believe the remaining three were also in the car, and may also be dead. Those who knew the Harts are stunned….

Is this sign sexist? Controversial billboard raises eyebrows in North Carolina

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WFXB) – A new billboard in North Carolina on the side of I-40 West is causing quite the stir. Its message clearly stating in black and white: “Real men provide, real women appreciate it.” It’s left many in the community outraged, so much so that one group is planning a peaceful protest on Sunday. however, on the other hand, others…

Searching for Suspects

Multiple suspects are now believed to be at large after a family of eight was killed in Ohio.

  Authorities in Piketon, Ohio, are releasing new details about Friday’s mass murder.  Eight members of the Rhodes family were killed execution-style in four different homes in Pike county. The state’s Attorney General has confirmed the killing was drug-related, and because the family was specifically targeted, the general public is not at risk.  Deputies are still guarding the crime scene,…

Should There Be Flights Just For Families?

An author on proposed that there should be flights designed just for families… not because children should be barred from standard flights, but because a family plane – or even a family section in a plane – could better accommodate the needs of kids and their parents, while providing a quieter setting (and maybe less seat kicking) for childless traveler.  

Should Elementary Schools Ban Homework?

A researcher at Duke University is arguing that there is “no evidence that any amount of homework improves the academic performance of elementary students.” Is this true? Are millions of families going through nightly homework rituals that serve no point?