executive order

Ending Separation

The President has signed an executive order to end the separation of families at the border.

Faced with growing backlash over images of illegal immigrant families being separated at the border under a new zero tolerance policy, the president had just signed an executive order to begin holding families together. The president is promising that it will not impact his zero tolerance approach to the border. The executive order may already face legal challenges as it…

Another Blocked Order

A federal judge has ruled to block President Trump's executive order that would pull funding from sanctuary cities.

  More trouble for the Trump Administration as the President nears the end of this first 100 days in office. A federal judge has issued a ruling to block one of President Trump’s executive orders following a lawsuit filed by the city of San Francisco and nearby Santa Clara county. The President’s order would have pulled funding from sanctuary cities…

Ban Blocked Again

A federal judge has extended an order blocking President Trump's travel ban.

  President Trump is trying to hold back opposition to his executive orders. A federal judge in Hawaii has extended a ruling halting President Trump’s travel ban on people from six Muslim majority nations. And the city of Seattle is fighting to stop a plan to pull federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities. Meanwhile, the Senate Intelligence Committee is expanding…

Counter to Climate Change

President Trump has signed a new executive order rolling back President Obama's climate change policies.

  Backlash for President Trump from Democrats after signing an executive order Tuesday that rolled back President Obama’s climate change policies. Republican leadership had said they would move on to other issues on their agenda after failing to get enough votes to overturn Obamacare. The President now says it will take bipartisan support to pass a health care reform bill….