Extreme Earthquakes

A Guatemalan volcano erupts, killing dozens.

  As volcanic activity continues on Hawaii’s big island, there’s a new deadly threat from another volcano thousands of miles away. Fiery explosions of ash and molten rock erupted from a volcano in Guatemala.The source is the Volcan de Fuego — Spanish for ‘volcano of fire.’ Towering clouds of smoke have blanketed surrounding villages in thick, heavy ash. At least…

Eruption Evacuations

Mandatory evacuations are in place for hundreds of people living in the path of a volcano that erupted on Hawaii's big island.

A volcanic eruption on the big island of Hawaii sent lava and ash high in the air, and molten lava flowing into a residential neighborhood. The erupting volcano sits in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Hundreds of small earthquakes on the east side of the island have been shaking the volcano all week, the most powerful a 4.6 magnitude that hit…

Quake in Taiwan

Several people are dead and hundred more are injured, many missing after a powerful and damaging earthquake struck Taiwan.

Crews in Taiwan are searching for people still missing after a strong earthquake. The magnitude 6.4 quake struck Tuesday, toppling buildings and leaving others leaning into the ground. The tremor struck about 12 miles off the eastern coast. It was more shallow than most earthquakes, meaning it had the potential to do plenty of damage. Much of the devastation is…

Massive Mexico Earthquake

A massive, desperate scene all across central Mexico following a major earthquake.

  Schools, homes and apartment buildings all reduced to rubble this morning. At least 248 people there are now confirmed dead after a powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake centered less than 80 miles southeast of Mexico City. More than forty buildings have collapsed in the Mexican capital alone, including residential structures and at least one primary school. Tuesday’s quake comes less than…

Demolition’s Aftermath

The death toll from the devastating earthquake in Italy rises some more.

  As rescue crews dig through the rubble, survivors are steeling into a shaky aftermath. Following last week’s 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck central Italy, thousands have been displaced. 290 have been killed. Some towns have been completely destroyed while a few, such as Norcia, suffered very little damage thanks to a government program that reinforced buildings in earthquake-prone areas….

Quake Takes its Toll

The death toll from the earthquake in Central Italy is now more than 200.

  The devastation from the 6.2 magnitude that struck Central Italy Wednesday continues to rise as the death toll skyrockets. 247 are now confirmed dead. Rescue crews are still frantically digging through the rubble to find trapped survivors as aftershocks remain in the region.

Italian Earthquake

At least eleven people are dead amid the rubble after a six-point-two earthquake.

Rescue efforts are currently underway in several Italian towns after an earthquake struck Central Italy. Crews are searching the rubble of Amatrice, while the mayor of Perugia believes half his town is gone. At least eleven have died so far. Heavily urban areas were not affected, but officials are  having trouble reaching some smaller towns. The quake lasted for almost…