Stephen Hawking Passes

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking is dead at the age of 76.

One of the greatest scientists of our age and arguably the most famous, Stephen Hawking, has passed away. The author of “A Brief History of Time”, which sold ten million copies in 40 languages was a world-renowned cosmologist. He was behind the theory that the universe has no boundaries and put forth the possibilities that intelligent alien life exists somewhere…

Berlin Attacker Taken Down

Police In Italy have killed the suspect in the Berlin Truck Attack.

  The massive manhunt for the alleged attacker who drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin has come to an end in Italy. Italian authorities say the search for Anis Amri ended in a 3 a.m. shootout with police, after Amri was asked for identification. According to police, Amri was confronted on a patrol in Milan, and when…