Moore Endorsed

President Trump has offered a full endorsement Monday for embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

  Democrat John Conyers and Republican Roy Moore may not have much in common, but both of them are creating new headaches for their respective parties in Congress. President Trump offered a twitter endorsement for the embattled Alabama Senate candidate who has been accused of sexual harassment, and in some instances, assault of teenage girls. Moore says he even got…

Retaining the Job

Two high-profile members of Congress are fighting to keep their jobs this morning despite numerous allegations of sexual misconduct.

  Senator Al Franken and Congressman John Conyers are both trying to survive the allegations against them and keep their jobs. Minnesota Senator Franken is hoping for a comeback after a number of women have come forward accusing him of groping, or in one instance, forcibly kissing them. Michigan Congressman John Conyers is facing his own allegations of sexual harassment…