Deadly Collapse

At least 6 people are confirmed dead following a pedestrian bridge collapse in South Florida.

Crews have digging through the tons of metal steel in a frantic search for any remaining survivors after a recently-installed walkway on the campus of Florida International University fell to the ground Thursday, crushing vehicles across an eight-lane road. Rescue crews worked into the night, using dogs, search cameras and listening devices, desperately trying to find any survivors.Investigators say the…

Carnival Ride Carnage

Seven people were injured and one man killed when a ride broke apart at the Ohio State Fair.

THIS MATERIAL CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIDEO AND/OR AUDIO   A terrifying opening day at the Ohio State Fair. A ride called the Fireball fell apart, part of it breaking away and sending passengers flying through the air. One man is confirmed dead and more than a half-dozen others are injured, some critically. Officials say nearly a dozen rides weren’t even open…

Atlanta Rebuilding

Demolition crews remain hard at work days after an interstate bridge collapse in Atlanta.

    The city of is Atlanta still picking up the pieces -literally- following last week’s interstate bridge collapse. Demolition crews have been working non-stop at the site of the interstate 85 bridge collapse, taking  down the sections of the overpass that need replacement and clearing debris from Piedmont road.  It will take months for the state to complete the…