Capitol Hill Hearings Continue

Some more of President-Elect Trump's cabinet nominees took some tough questions yesterday.

  Four hearings on Capitol Hill featured some more of President-Elect Donald Trump’s nominees, including three cabinet positions and the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Democrats targeted Housing and Human Services nominee Georgia Congressman Dr. Tom Price for his financial investments, while Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s hearing to be the next EPA administrator raised questions about his…

Election Controversy Continues

An announcement by the President-Elect is overshadowed by election result concerns.

  President-Elect Donald Trump is set to make his major announcement today, officially revealing his controversial nominee for Secretary of State. The announcement will be a break in the blasts of growing calls for an investigation into possible Russian involvement in the in the U.S. election. President-Elect Trump ha cancelled a news conference scheduled for later this week, but later…

Secretary of State Selection

President-Elect Donald Trump's cabinet continues to grow.

  The Trump Administration is filling up as the President-Elect looks to make more appointments to his cabinet.  Most notably, sources say that Trump has made his next decision, and will nominate Rex Tillerson for Secretary Of State. Tillerson is currently the head of Exxon-Mobil, and his possible appointment could mean several conflicts of interest, as well as further investigation…

Most Annoying Household Habits

Most Annoying Household Habits

What is the most annoying thing something can do around the house?!  Here are the top five most annoying household habits: leaving dirty dishes in the sink, taking people’s food out of the fridge, putting empty containers back in the fridge, wasting paper towels, and not replacing the toilet paper roll.