Going to the House

The House is set to vote on the budget deal today, and it is expected to be very close.

  The House is expected to vote today on a budget deal already that has passed by the Senate. If the budget deal passes, it could set the table for tax reform to be done by the end of the year. If it doesn’t, one of the President’s top priorities could be stopped in its tracks. The President is looking…

Taking Aim at Tax Reform

Republicans in Congress are celebrating this morning after the senate passed a bill that lays the groundwork for a massive overhaul of the nation's tax code.

  The vote was close, however, Senate Republicans were able to pass a budget resolution that paves the way for tax reform. The four trillion dollar budget bill is really just a guideline, but it sets the table for Republicans to add on their tax reform plan and pass it with a simple majority vote, which prevents any Democratic filibuster….

Blasted Budget

President Trump's first budget proposal is facing mixed reaction.

  President Donald Trump’s proposed budget may not get very far. The financial blueprint is receiving mixed reviews, with some saying Congress will never approve it. Democrats are angered by the proposal as it cuts spending from several federal departments, with some Democratic analysts saying they think the President has the wrong priorities with spending. Many Republicans, though, are calling…

Trump’s ‘America First’ budget: winners and losers

The Trump administration has unveiled its budget outline, and we’re taking a close look at the numbers. The “America First” outline appears to put an emphasis on the military and keeping the US safe,with spending increases planned for Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs. But significant spending cuts are planned in several cabinet department and federal agencies, including a 29-percent…