Another Blocked Order

A federal judge has ruled to block President Trump's executive order that would pull funding from sanctuary cities.

  More trouble for the Trump Administration as the President nears the end of this first 100 days in office. A federal judge has issued a ruling to block one of President Trump’s executive orders following a lawsuit filed by the city of San Francisco and nearby Santa Clara county. The President’s order would have pulled funding from sanctuary cities…

Revised Travel Ban Blocked

A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked President Trump's revised travel ban.

  President Trump’s latest travel ban has been halted by a federal judge in Hawaii. The new executive order was meant to resolve concerns over discrimination that stopped the first ban back in January. Some analysts on the far right says the court’s decision is an example of judicial over-reach, while others acknowledge the ban likely wouldn’t have any effect…

Challenging the Ban

A judge's decision to uphold blocking the President's travel ban stands for now.

  With legal challenges to President Trump’s travel ban in federal courts stretching from Massachusetts to Hawaii, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle now weighing in on whether the order should be reinstated or the block should be upheld. Over the weekend, the 9th Circuit refused the Justice Department’s emergency request to reinstate the President’s executive order.  the DOJ…