Arrest in Tampa

An arrest has been made in the seemingly random killings of four people over a month-and-a-half period in Tampa.

  A month and a half of fear and tension in Tampa has come to to an end. Police announced an arrest in the murders of four people spanning a six-week period. It all started in mid-October with the murders of three people in Seminole heights. A fourth person was killed a few weeks later, intensifying an already massive, widespread…

Orlando Shooter Arrested

A man wanted in the fatal shootings of a pregnant woman and an Orlando police officer has been arrested

  Authorities have captured the man accused of killing a police officer outside an Orlando Walmart. The arrest of 41-year-old Markeith Loyd put end to an intense manhunt that lasted more than a week. Loyd was found him in an abandoned home, where he was armed. Loyd was originally wanted for shooting and killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend back in December….

Pizza D’oh

A gunman causes panic at a pizza restaurant in Washington, DC.

  A gunman has been arrested after frightening diners at a Washington, DC, restaurant. Twenty-eight year-old Edgar Welch carried a rife and a handgun into the pizzeria and pointed one of the weapons at an employee. Police say Welch was motivated by a fake news story circulating on the internet that featured a conspiracy surrounding Hillary Clinton and sex-trafficking. There…

Paris Attacker Speaks

After being taken in to custody on Friday, the surviving Paris attacker tells authorities the plans for more attacks that day.

There is new information about how the deadly Paris terror attacks back in November could’ve been worse, after a suspect was taken into custody Friday. The Belgian government says Salah Abdeslam has been cooperating with investigators since his arrest, after he hid for four months in Brussels, Belgium. According to Abdeslam, he was planning to be a suicide bomber at…