Legislative Limbo

Both parties believe they have the votes to pass a bipartisan health care plan, but the President's support is in question.

Both parties have managed to work together to reach a deal on health care, but President Donald Trump has flip-flopped a few times on the Alexander-Murray deal.The bipartisan plan resumes payments to insurance companies, for discounts offered to low-income Americans as part of Obamacare. Lawmakers are worried about premiums rising if those payments are not restored. The President ended those…

Switching Stances

President Trump's stance on a bipartisan health plan appears to have flipped.

  President Trump is no longer supporting the bipartisan health plan in the senate. The Alexander-Murray Proposal is set to restore reimbursements to insurance companies for Obamacare discounts. President Trump signaled his opposition just one day after comments that suggested he could back the proposal. The legislation resumes payments that were cut off by the President himself just last week,…