Matthew’s Aftermath

North Carolina is still reeling from Hurricane Matthew.

  The heavy wind and rain may have passed, but in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, the overall U.S. death toll has risen to 38. Parts of North Carolina are still seeing severe flooding, days after the storm dumped more than a foot of rain on the Tar Heel State. Evacuations are continuing as the water around the swollen rivers…

Demolition’s Aftermath

The death toll from the devastating earthquake in Italy rises some more.

  As rescue crews dig through the rubble, survivors are steeling into a shaky aftermath. Following last week’s 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck central Italy, thousands have been displaced. 290 have been killed. Some towns have been completely destroyed while a few, such as Norcia, suffered very little damage thanks to a government program that reinforced buildings in earthquake-prone areas….

Quake Takes its Toll

The death toll from the earthquake in Central Italy is now more than 200.

  The devastation from the 6.2 magnitude that struck Central Italy Wednesday continues to rise as the death toll skyrockets. 247 are now confirmed dead. Rescue crews are still frantically digging through the rubble to find trapped survivors as aftershocks remain in the region.