Carnival Ride Carnage

Seven people were injured and one man killed when a ride broke apart at the Ohio State Fair.

THIS MATERIAL CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIDEO AND/OR AUDIO   A terrifying opening day at the Ohio State Fair. A ride called the Fireball fell apart, part of it breaking away and sending passengers flying through the air. One man is confirmed dead and more than a half-dozen others are injured, some critically. Officials say nearly a dozen rides weren’t even open…

Deadly California Crash

A tour bus slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer, killing thirteen.

  More than a dozen people are dead and at least another thirty injured after a bus crash early Sunday morning along I-10 in southern California. A tour bus on a trip to a casino crashed into the back of a semi-truck- officials believe the bus was speeding.  Most of those killed -including the driver- were seated at the front…