Author: Tori Adams

Man Finds Cash In Couch Cushion

A man in Michigan made a once in a lifetime thrift store find and did the right thing.. He had bought a couch from the local Habitat for Humanity store and noticed the foot cushion was firm. His daughter-in-law unzipped it and found bundles of cash totaling over $43,000. He contacted the store to try to identify the couches original…

Man Plays PS4 At Airport

A passenger waiting for a flight in Oregon got restless and did something daring. He plugged his PS4 into a computer screen that was being used to display a map of the airport. Portland International staff asked him to stop playing the game and when he asked if he could finish his level– they said no!

Growth Surgery

You’ve heard of Liposuction and Botox but what about Limbplastx? A doctor in Las Vegas is offering a 2 hour procedure that promises to make the recipient at least six inches taller. Since opening his practice in 2018, the doctor has operated on more than 30 people. The procedure involves breaking the leg bones and securing them back together with…