Author: Tori Adams

Tiny Owl Found In Christmas Tree At Rockefeller Center

Everyone knows about Clark Grizwald’s squirrel but this year John D. Rockefeller had his own animal surprise… Decorators found a teeny tiny Saw-Whet Owl among the iconic Christmas Tree’s branches. They gave him an appropriate nickname… ‘Rockefeller’ and took him to a wildlife center. Employees there are planning to release him back into the wild.

Stolen Bigfoot Statue Found

A bigfoot that was stolen from a museum in California has been found. Early last week, the 200 pound 4 foot tall statue was taken from in front of the ‘Bigfoot Discovery Museum’ and a few days later officers got reports of a ‘suspicious figure’ on a roadway nearby…

Runaway Dog

When a dog from Germany ran away from home he wasn’t expecting this… He ended up in police custody and from the look in his eyes he wasn’t too happy. Officers were able to get him back home safely!

Hole in One

During a practice round for this years masters, Jon Rahm made the shot of a lifetime when his ball skipped perfectly across the water, rolled down the green and went straight into the cup! The golf pro made that epic shot on his 26th birthday!