Siblings Seek to Honor Late Father by Adding His Made-up Word to the Dictionary

Siblings discover "orbisculate" was a word their dad made up. After his passing, are now campaigning to get in the dictionary.

A brother and sister are honoring their dad in a way he would have really gotten a kick out of. You know the squirt in the eye you get when digging into an orange or grapefruit? Their dad would describe it as the fruit orbisculating. They thought it was a word. It wasn’t until their college years did they discover it wasn’t a real word. In fact, it was a word their dad made up for a class he took in college, then started saying it in their home. It then became a running joke. When their dad passed recently, the siblings began a campaign to get the word orbisculate in the dictionary. That process requires a list of 50 things such as it has to be in crossword puzzle, book, song, and even on TV. They are well on their way. So remember when you dig into that grapefruit and it squirts you in the eye. That will soon be called orbisculate, originally coined by their dad Neil Kreger.