Talkin’ Trash 2016-17


Talkin Trash

Fourth graders have been “Talkin’ Trash” for sixteen years in Horry County. This countywide contest encourages fourth grade students to recycle at school and in their community.

How the Contest Works:

Each month a different recyclable is collected by the students at school. The school that recycles the most items that month wins. The contest is open to any public school in Horry County with fourth grade classes. Each participating school receives a special container (an 8-yard dumpster) to collect their recyclables. Each school is judged based on the number of pounds collected per fourth grade student per month. There are three categories of schools based on the number of fourth grade students at each of the schools.

Talkin’ Trash Recycling Contest Responsibility Agreement * 2016-2017 School Year

We, the faculty, staff and Fourth Grade Students of Horry County Schools agree to participate in the 2016/17 Talkin’ Trash Recycling Contest to the best of our ability. We agree and understand the following rules/terms and the dates of the competition and will abide by them:

Your School’s Responsibilities:

  1. We agree to routinely check our container and will remove any contamination promptly.
  2. We agree to abide by the Collection Schedule as shown on the attached Talkin’ Trash flyer.
  3. We agree to promptly notify the SWA if we will need an additional service (empty) before the end of the Collection Schedule.
  4. We understand if our container is contaminated more than once, during the course of a month, our school may be eliminated from the competition for that month.
  5. We understand that if our container is contaminated on more than one occasion during the year our school may be eliminated for the remainder of the year’s competition.
  6. We understand that if our container is contaminated we may be responsible for having it emptied by the Horry County School District, at their expense.
  7. We understand that the monthly winner is determined and based on the total amount of material recycled per fourth grade student. In the case of Charter Schools where the fourth grade population does not meet or exceed 80 students, the entire school population will be used in determining the monthly winner.
  8. We understand that SWA staff will utilize estimated weights and volumes when determining monthly winners.

Horry County Solid Waste Authority Responsibilities:

  1. We agree to do our best to supply additional service to the Talkin’ Trash container, if requested at least one week before the end of the Collection Schedule for that month.
  2. We agree to accurately and fairly judge.
  3. We agree to routinely monitor your container and notify you immediately of any contamination.
  4. We agree to give you 48 hours to remove the contamination before eliminating your school from that month’s competition. If your school removes the contamination, within the 48 hour time frame, we agree not to eliminate your school from the competition.

Talkin’ Trash Container


Place that month’s recyclables in this Hyper Blue dumpster at your school. You may bag the recyclables and place the bagged recyclables in the container.

The Talkin’ Trash container will be emptied during the open weeks in between each material. Please do not add more material during that time. You can start placing the new recyclable of the month in the Talkin’ Trash container on the scheduled day that material starts. If you need extra pick-ups, please call (843) 347-1651 for your Talkin’ Trash container to be emptied before the end of the month. We will try to empty your container, if our collection schedule allows.

Talkin’ Trash 2016-17 Collection Schedule

October 1-20 Newspaper & Magazines
October 25 & 26 – Awards Presentation with WFXB-FOX TV
Prize – Eco Journals and pen made from Recycled Paper

November 1-18 Plastic Jugs & Bottles
November 21 & 22 – Awards Presentation with WFXB-FOX TV
Prize – Frisbee Ring made from Recycled Plastic

December 1-13 Metal Cans
December 15 & 16 – Awards Presentation with WFXB-FOX TV
Prize – Recycled Dog Tag made with Recycled Metal

January 1-26 Newspaper & Magazines
January 30 & 31 – Awards Presentation with WFXB-FOX TV
Prize – Mood Pencils made from Recycled Newspapers

February 1-23 Plastic Jugs & Bottles
February 27 & 28 – Awards Presentation with WFXB-FOX TV
Prize – Sports Mood Bottle made from Recycled Plastic

March 1-23 Metal Cans
March 28 & 29 – Awards Presentation with WFXB-FOX TV
Prize – Slinkys made from Recycled Metal

Talkin’ Trash Grand Finale Dates: May 9th, 10th & 11th at the FUN WAREHOUSE.

fun warehouse


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